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Project Description
This is a module built for DotNetNuke to allow you to manage your DNN RSS feeds, and change things like, removing module names, fix/complete file paths, and more.

WillStrohl.FeedHandler Module for DotNetNuke

This module is meant to help DNN site admins deal with the core RSS feed issues that modules output. For example, the Announcements module has the module name at the beginning of each <item> element value. The FeedHandler module allows you to perform a little Regular Expression magic to clean up and change your RSS feeds. However, you will need to supply a different feed URL to those who consume your RSS feed.

Module Requirements

  • DotNetNuke version 4.06.02 (and up)
    • DotNetNuke ClientAPI
  • .Net 2.0 Framework (and up)
  • SQL Server 2000 (and up)


Regular Expression Resources

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